Youtube Updates Player And Fixes 301 Views Bug

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August 3, 2015, Google’s video platform has made an update that should not have gone unnoticed by everyone because it is the video player that this time benefited from a little makeover. YouTube also took the opportunity to fix a bug that many YouTubers are familiar with: blocking 301 views.

Mountain View’s employees do not seem to be in a hurry to go on vacation, after having made several minor updates on the HTML5 player, it is now the turn of the design to enjoy a few changes, notably with the appearance of a new version. More refined style, based on transparency.

It was noted that about three months ago, some had already been able to test this new version in exclusivity using a little trickery. Indeed, it was possible to activate the original design of the player by modifying the cookies of his browser, a method explained in this video.

Youtube Ends Blocking At 301 Views

YouTube takes advantage of this update also to fix the “bug” preventing at 301 views. If you are used to regularly browsing the platform, you probably noticed that the view counter was often stuck at 301 for a few hours before unlocking to display the correct value.

Here is an explanation in the image of the phenomenon and of the way YouTube corrected it:

To sum up, when a video went over the 300-view bar, the meter was blocked, and YouTube then launched a verification process to ensure that the views were acquired naturally. Once this check was complete, the counter was unlocked and the strong opinions counted.

Now, it seems that YouTube has developed an effective method to count the views and filter the fraudulent visualizations at the same time, without interrupting the meter. News that will undoubtedly delight many YouTubers. Now, if you find that your video is not getting any more views, there will be no more bug: it will merely mean that it is no longer watched.

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