Google Launches Adwords Iphone Application

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On January 28, Google announced the release of its AdWords app for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). The app is designed to allow advertisers to manage their AdWords campaigns from a mobile quickly.

The AdWords for iOS app allows advertisers to stay informed about their advertising campaigns, wherever they are, from their smartphone or tablet (iPhone or iPad). With this streamlined version of the desktop interface, advertisers can continue to manage the delivery of their advertising campaigns on business trips, for example.

The AdWords for iOS app gives advertisers access to several essential management tools:

Access to account performance indicators such as ad click rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), and more.

Displaying detailed statistics on its campaigns

For each campaign, the ability to view and apply suggestions on improving performance

Access to manage the budget and bids

Real-time notifications and alerts on the status of ads, account, budget

Ability to contact a Google expert from the app

The Google AdWords app lets you stay informed about your ad campaign, wherever you are, from your iPhone or iPad. With this streamlined version of your AdWords for PC, you can track the performance of your ads in real time no matter where your business takes you.

This new application, deployed worldwide, provides entrepreneurs and advertisers with high-level management and control tools for their advertising campaigns and flexibility and responsiveness.

This new app is part of Google’s campaign in recent months that emphasized the importance of mobile and the need to make their sites mobile-friendly for consumers. With AdWords for iOS, Google has taken a step closer to 100% mobile.

The AdWords app is designed to mimic the desktop AdWords interface and to switch between PC and mobile smoothly. The home screen displays account data, with a second level for campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads. Users can further customize their display by modifying columns or by adding and removing information displayed on the screen.

The first comments from users were quite positive: many advertisers put forward the advantage of being able to follow in real time the impact of their advertising campaigns and to be able to make the necessary adjustments quickly from their mobile, without having to go through a desktop computer or a laptop.

Note that the AdWords Express version of the app has also been created for users of this lighter solution.

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