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21st April 2014

New Microwave Heat Activated - Mould Making Material ComposiMold is a new reusable rubbery eco friendly polymer that may be melted in a microwave or double boiler and simply poured over the original to make a mould.
Details coming very soon!!!

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Model Tram Project

22nd January 2014

Joseph from our Rockdale store has decided to get the ball rolling on the forum and started a model tram project. Follow his progress on the forum as he makes the moulds and casts the resin pieces of the tram. Follow this exciting project here…...

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mould making and casting forum

20th January 2014

We encourage you to enter your jewellery projects onto the Resin & Glass Fusing Jewellery Forum for comment or help. We also want to help new entrepreneurs who want to promote their designs by using the forum to display their creations.

It’s easy, simply click here…………...

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bottle cutter review

15th October 2013

We have just complete a comprehensive review of our most popular bottle cutters. Customers have been asking us which bottle cutter they should buy so this review will help them decide.

Click here to see our Review

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Stained glass lead lighting

21st August 2013

We've been lucky enough to come across a great product that allows you to create easy DIY lead light stained glass artwork! We've just tried the product out and it is so easy and fun. Please get in touch with us as we have everything you need in stock!

Click here to see our mirror project on our facebook page.

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polymer clay

12th August 2013

We've been having a bit of fun with polymer clay. In order to test our new range of Sculpey Premo Polymer clays we made a video of a small project we've been wanting to do for a while. In the video we make a strawberry chocolate necklace. Enjoy!

Click here to Watch Video.

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model railway plaster bandage mountains

24th July 2013

We have just released a video which demonstrates how easy and fast it is to create a mountain for a model railroad using CraftCo Plaster Bandage available from Alderson Arts & Crafts. We also demonstrate how to create realistic rock faces using two different methods.

Click here to Watch Video.

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acrylic painting starter kit

17th May 2013

We have just released the first in a range of fantastic and great valued starter kits to make it easy to get started in a variety of crafts and hobbies. We have started with acrylic painting but watch this space for many more kits for other crafts and hobbies...

Click here for details.

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mosaic coaster kit

1st May 2013

We've decided to do a quick review of this great kit which allows you to create 4 mosaic coasters. We've also demonstrated the creation of a coaster using the components of the kit...
Click here to watch the video.

Buy this kit for a great price here

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